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True Blue BFF's

If we're really, really lucky, we'll have two or three great friends in our lifetimes. I'm especially lucky to have more than my share.

First there's Jennifer, my daughter, my #1 best friend. She's beautiful inside and out, so smart. So generous. So crazy. Mary, my incredible sister, is at the top of the list. She's always there - always. Also a little crazy. (Must be in our genes).

Then there's Diane, who I've known longer than anyone, Vic and Kathy from Lakeview High and Robyn from Lincoln and Belmont. (Incidentally, I haven't seen Robyn for years yet she is definitely among that small handful of friends who left a mark in my life.) You'll hear a little more about each of these ditzy dames in the days to come.

How many BFF's do you have? We'd love to have a photo of you and your best friends!


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