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Excuse me, are you over 60?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Getting a few celebs to our website would be a major coup. Here's a personal invitation to our favorites! King John, Jane Lynch, Dean Richards and Bill Murray, please claim your Honorary Memberships!

Our beloved @wgnKingJohn has been around forever, it seems. If I'm over 60, he must be, too, right? Or, did he start in the radio business when he was a pre-teen? King John, please claim your lifetime honorary membership and share your royal thoughts.

(Photo credit: JanetandPhil)

Even though Jane Lynch just turned 60 a minute ago, she shall remain so in perpetuity.

Jane, stop by anytime! Love you madly! (photo credit: GreginHollywood)

My secret crush: DeanRichards aka Mr. Chicago

There's just no one nicer than Dean Richards.

(photo credit: James C. Svehla)

Lifetime Membership awarded to Bill Murray in recognition of his unimpeachable sense of style, Cub-Love and lounge-singing skills. (photo credit Paul Sherwood)


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